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Poem Studios started in the summer of 2015 in Atlanta, GA with a game modification overhaul project. The team rose from one person, to twelve members at one point, stretched across the globe. Some members came and went depending on the demands of the project. Unfortunately the project was disbanded in late 2018.

However, a core group of artists and developers went on to form the team that makes up Poem Studios today; with their new project; The Missing; which started production in January of 2019.

We believe in deep immersion game worlds and strive to make the experience a cocktail of passion and intrigue, spiked with a bit of weirdness for better or for worse.

As of now Poem Studios is dedicated to open world, narrative intense, role playing games; with colorful casts, strange stories, and engaging game play. While we are limited by several factors we have ambitions and drive to keep making the kind of games we would like to play. We pride ourselves on being a progressive and ethical game studio that puts story and players first.


Here is a look at our previous projects and what we are currently working on, this section with its details are subject to change and some data might be in the process of being updated, if you are members of the press you can look below at our contact section to reach out to us for specifics.


Knights of the Old Republic overhaul mod

The Apeiron Project was an overhaul mod of the orginial KOTOR franchise, the new project would have been made in Unreal Engine, this project has been suspended indefinitely.

  • Project: Knights of the Old Republic: Apeiron
  • Start Date: June 2014
  • Release Date: None
  • Genre: RPG/Action
  • Status: No Longer in Production
  • Developers: N/A
  • Publishers: N/A
  • Director: N/A

Apeiron would have been a complete overhaul mod of the orginial 2003 game, however after issues and pressure from LucasFilm the project was shutdown along with its assets. We loved the time spent making Apeiron and knew the possible outcomes. Our team no longer has access to the game repository and a remake is in development by another company.

The Missing

Open World Crime Drama RPG

The Missing is an upcoming open world adventure crime drama RPG. The game is made in Unreal Engine since January 2019 with a small indie team.

  • Project: The Missing
  • Start Date: Jan 2019
  • Release Date:Q4 2022
  • Genre: RPG/Crime/Adventure
  • Status: In Development
  • Developers: Poem Studios
  • Publishers: Poem Studios
  • Director: Taylor Trotter

The Missing will be an immersive open world game in which the player finds themselves in a remote West Texas town in 1989 following the disappearance of a family member. The more the player pulls the narrative string the more they find themselves in an increasingly mysterious, esoteric, and dangerous place. The Missing explores detective work, noir themes, sex & violence, the occult, innocence and murder.


Below are a small amount of screenshots taken at various points in the game's development, some of these are subject to change before production release of the game. You can find more on our Twitter account.


Rest Stop



Driving In

Driving In


Mama Discípula


FBI Field Office


Shotgun Housing


Remote Home


Mind's Eye


Oil Offices

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